I'm encountering the following error for my ingress controller.

Warning     GCE googleapi: Error 403: Quota 'BACKEND_SERVICES' exceeded. Limit: 9.0, quotaExceeded

My limit is set as 9, and this has previously worked so I'm not sure why this error is being encountered now.

I did delete the cluster and then created a new one, what do these backend services refer to? How could I remove any old ones that have not been deleted?


You could also ask for a small up on the backend # quota page.

If it's small enough it will get auto accepted.


I had to delete the previously created Load balancers, and the related "backends" in the Google Cloud console.

The quota was shortly updated after that.


Just a heads up — I ran into this quickly trialing a Multi Region GCE Ingress deployed using Kubemci. Since you are essentially duplicating your backend across many regions the maximum number of regions you could use on a GCP Trial Account would be 5.

GCP will force you to upgrade to a full account (and enter billing if you haven't yet). Not a big deal but in my instance I had do this in order to test a service being served from more than 5 regions at once — where the error was not immediately evident in the logs.

When trouble shooting the rest of the Multi-Region Ingress process this one was tricky to track down — so hopefully this saves a bit of time for someone trying to deploy many clusters on a trial account (like I was!).

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