I have 3 Datepicker fields wich I'd like to update. For example: I pick todays Date and in the second field should show up the last day of the month but 3 months earlier.

I did that width javascript ID's but now I have to do it with knockout

I got this 3 test fields

<div id="someTest">
    <div class="input-col input-col-riskdetails input-col-date">
      <input data-bind="value: expirationDate, event: {change: expirationDateChanged}" type="datetime">

    <div class="input-col input-col-riskdetails input-col-date">
      <input data-bind="value: latestNoticeScheduleDate" type="datetime">

    <div class="input-col input-col-riskdetails input-col-date">
      <input data-bind="value: earlyExchangeDate" type="datetime">

They are all bind like this.

self.expirationDate = ko.observable("");
self.latestNoticeScheduleDate = ko.observable("");
self.earlyExchangeDate = ko.observable("");

self.expirationDateChanged = function () {
    //do the callculation and put the result in the fields

And here is the logic from the old function. How is it possible to transfer that into knockout?

    $("#expirationDateDefault").change(function() {
  // Edit after 10 digits
  if ($("#expirationDateDefault").val().length === 10) {
    // only add date if other fields are empty
    if ($("#latestNoticeScheduleDateDefault").val() === '') {
      var sk = $("#expirationDateDefault").datepicker('getDate');

      // Definition is: Current selection minus 3 months
      // Attention: Datepicker is zerobased
      sk = new Date(sk.getFullYear(), (sk.getMonth() + 1) - 3, 0);
      // Set new date
      $("#latestNoticeScheduleDateDefault").datepicker('update', sk);

      var fa = $("#expirationDateDefault").datepicker('getDate');
      // Definition is: Current selection plus one day
      fa = new Date(fa.getFullYear(), fa.getMonth(), fa.getDate() + 1);
      // Set new date
      $('#earlyExchangeDateDefault').datepicker('update', fa);

The Datepicker is bound as the following

// DatePicker Binding

// Date-Picker
function BindDatePicker(context) {
    // Datepicker init
    $('input[type=datetime]', $(context)).datepicker({
        format: "dd.mm.yyyy",
        language: "de",
        calendarWeeks: true,
        autoclose: true,
        todayHighlight: true,
        todayBtn: "linked",
        onClose: this,
        orientation: "auto right"

    $('input[type=datetime]', $(context)).attr("autocomplete", "off");
  • You probably want a custom binding handler for the datepickers. If it's Bootstrap datepicker, see here. If it's jQuery UI, maybe this old answer. – Roy J Sep 27 '17 at 16:50
  • I got the first link you postet allready for my birthDate field. Is it possible to have multiple custom bindings for the datepicker? – loonybin Sep 28 '17 at 6:55
  • No. The custom binding should replace your BindDatePicker, though. If the handler you have doesn't do what you need it to do, you'll need to write your own, possibly by wrapping the existing one. See section 3 here. – Roy J Sep 28 '17 at 10:30

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