I have weird problem. In my app there is few links to other .html files. On Mac OS or Windows 7 links are open in the same window but in Windows 10 they open in new window. I don't have idea what is going on... Maybe you know? Link looks like (there is nothing different):

<a href="page.html?id={{ id }}">Some link</a>

I'm not sure whats going on in your app to open new windows, so this doesn't get to the cause of your problem.

However, assuming your windows are being created by a rogue window.open call (or a target="_blank") you could block new-window events and load in your win like the following:

win.webContents.on('new-window', (event, url) => {

See more details here


I was facing the same issue with an Electron / Vue.js app running on a touch-screen Linux device, where touching a link would sometimes open it in a new window. Jann3's answer works, but has the effect of reloading the Vue app which introduces a lot of lag.

I found an Electron workaround by simply emitting a message from Electron's main process to the renderer process, in this case using Vue's router. The same logic should be applicable whatever you're using in the renderer process:

Electron main process:

win = new BrowserWindow({

win.webContents.on('new-window', (event, url) => {
  win.webContents.send('blocked-new-window', url)

Vue router.js:

require('electron').ipcRenderer.on('blocked-new-window', (event, url) => {
   router.push({path: url.split('#/')[1] || '/'})

Here is more on sending messages between the Main and Renderer processes: https://electronjs.org/docs/api/web-contents#contentssendchannel-arg1-arg2-

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