I am trying to figure out how to loop through the database and calculate the remaining days untill the individual date per row.

Date format 6/15/2017 m/d/y but printed it shows y/m/d as show later in the question. (Currently sitting as varchar in the DB, this will be changed to DATE)

Stack info: Xampp 5.6.30 (Apache + MariaDB + PHP + Perl) I don't use Perl.

I have gotten as far as getting an array with all the dates.

This is the code that gets the array: $dates = array();

$Kal_get = "SELECT Next_Kal FROM Maaleinstrumenter_final";
$Result = mysqli_query($conn, $Kal_get);
WHILE ($Row = mysqli_fetch_assoc($Result))

Furthermore i have succeeded in calculating 1 row with (The date is not the right one and should be filled with data from $Row)

$date = strtotime("December 3, 2009");
$remaining = $date - time();  
WHILE($day = floor($remaining / 86400));
Echo $day;

The 2 scripts are not joined together as i tried to make a variable that would loop the calculation but it looped endlessly. This might be fixable by nesting it in an if statement.

How would i proceed as to join the 2 scripts and get 300+ results and devide them into 3 groups (more than a month, less than a month and less than 10 days)

Things that i have observed: The wile loop that assembles the array somehow shows up as 360+ arrays as showed here with a 2 row var_dump on $Row and not as 1 array like $x['1'], $x['2'] and so on:

array(1) { ["Next_Kal"]=> string(10) "1993-12-12" } 
array(1) { ["Next_Kal"]=> string(10) "0000-00-00" }

I goofed earlier on and reset all the data on the dates and i changed the first row to show an example.


Use mysql's DATEDIFF function:

SELECT Next_Kal, DATEDIFF(NOW(), Next_Kal) as Days_Remaining
FROM Maaleinstrumenter_final
  • So that will create an array looking like $x['1'] filled with all of the calculations? – D3nj1 Sep 28 '17 at 8:24
  • Assuming you are using while($x=mysqli_fetch_array($result)) as your loop, then yes $x['0'] will contain the date stored in your database, and $x['1'] will contain the number of days from now until the date specific in $x['0'] . – Kevin HR Sep 28 '17 at 8:29
  • I just tried it out, the var_dump shows that the calculation of days is correct+1 which is fine, but it shows up as "-75" which i can live with since it doesn't matter to me as long as there is the right amount of days :-) How would i loop it and split the array into 3 arrays depending on how many days left? – D3nj1 Sep 28 '17 at 8:34
  • Can you show me an example of expected results based on sample database data? – Kevin HR Sep 28 '17 at 8:39
  • I will try my best. Let's say i run the script you gave me, it output 360+ rows in the array. 100 of them as 2+ months (Turn green in the echo'd table) 100 are less than a month (Turn yellow in the echo'd table) 160 are less than 10 days (Turn red in the echo'd table) The way i think it could be achieved is by adding If`` and Ifelse` and Ifelse to the loop like: If(date_Remaining > 30){Code that puts that row into array 1 (Green)} Ifelse(date_Remaining <=30){Code that puts that row into array 2 (Yellow) Ifelse(date_Reamining < 10){Code that put that row into array 3 (Red)} – D3nj1 Sep 28 '17 at 9:01

If individual date per row is known at the database level, then use DATEDIFF function as Kevin pointed. Also, some other DBMSes (not sure about MySQL) allow simple math between two dates, like (date1 - date2) as delta_days.

If you know the date later, on PHP level, then use DateTime class, diff method. Much simpler and safe to use. It can take a lot of input formats as date and later do the math.

  • I have the date difference from what Kevin provided, now i just need to seperate them into 3 array and count the rows in each array :-) – D3nj1 Sep 28 '17 at 9:52
  • may use case statement in SQL, to separate periods in ranges/colors, or do it in php also using a case. please be more specific in your questions. you started with "calculate days" and ended with "green/red" while echo'ing html table. – Marcodor Sep 28 '17 at 10:11
  • You are misunderstanding, Kevin is leading me the right way, i am almost at the finishing line The red/yellow/green is just to give an example how the table acts when it gets the number of days left, it has nothing to do with the calculation itself. :-) – D3nj1 Sep 28 '17 at 10:13

I kept tinkering since it wouldn't fit in perfectly, this is what i ended up with as a successful script for calculating dates remaining on 366 rows.

$Kal_get = "SELECT Bunny_No, Next_Kal, DATEDIFF(NOW(), Next_Kal) FROM Maaleinstrumenter_final";
$Result = mysqli_query($conn, $Kal_get);
$a = 30;
$b = 10;
$moreThan2Months = array();
$lessThan1Month = array();
$lessThan10Days = array();

while($Row = mysqli_fetch_array($Result))
$absoluteDays = abs($Row['DATEDIFF(NOW(), Next_Kal)']);
if($absoluteDays > $a) {$moreThan2Months[] = ($Row['DATEDIFF(NOW(), Next_Kal)']);}
elseif($absoluteDays < $a && $absoluteDays >$b) {$lessThan1Month[] = $Row['DATEDIFF(NOW(), Next_Kal)'];}
elseif($absoluteDays < $b) {$lessThan10Days[] = $Row['DATEDIFF(NOW(), Next_Kal)'];}}
echo count(array_filter($lessThan1Month));

It is successfully calculating the dates and put them into $absoluteDays and split them into 3 arrays based on the If/Ifelse statements and then later counted and filtered to only show non-NULL elements inside the array, making it able to count dynamically.

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