I'm trying to change font size of axes, legend and title of a scope used in simulink. I've seen lots of answers for changing font size in a plot made from workspace, like using 'setgca' and 'fontsize' property, but couldn't find anything about changing font size within a simulink scope.


In simulink is possible to change the font style and size using going to:

Diagram > Format > Font Styles for Model

There you can change the font style and size for blocks, lines and annotations.


There isn't any functionality to change these from a pulldown menu, however, they can all be changed using code.

The primary thing to note is that a Simulink Scope is just a MATLAB Figure Window in disguise, and hence it can be manipulated using standard Handle Graphics commands once you have the handle to the scope block you want to manipulate.

For instance to change the size of the legend you'd do:

% Get the Name of the block you want to change
scope_name = get_param(gcb,'Name');
% Get the handle of the figure window used for the scope
hs = findall(0,'Tag','SIMULINK_SIMSCOPE_FIGURE','Name',scope_name);
% Get the handle to the axes on the scope
% (For simplicity, here we'll assume there is only one axis on the scope.
% If there are multiple axes, then you'll need to select which one to manipulate.)
ha = findall(hs,'Type','Axes');
% Get the handle to the legend
hl = get(ha,'Legend');
% Change the font size

Given any of the above handles you can manipulate it using set and get just like any Handle Graphics object.


I am not sure how to access the scope object from MATLAB, however, I managed to change the legend and titles text sizes by simply resizing the scope window. I know it's not exactly the right way to do this but it works.

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