i'm working with the youtube json from google-api-client :

    "apiVersion": "2.0",
    "data": {
        "updated": "2011-01-05T13:48:33.146Z",
        "totalItems": 4,
        "startIndex": 1,
        "itemsPerPage": 1,
        "items": [
                "id": "YfUzMkAlOBI",
                "uploaded": "2010-12-29T16:50:47.000Z",
                "updated": "2010-12-29T16:50:47.000Z",
                "uploader": "devandroidcs",
                "category": "Entertainment",
                "title": "Teste 2",
                "description": "Description do teste2",
                "tags": [
                "thumbnail": {
                    "sqDefault": "http://i.ytimg.com/vi/YfUzMkAlOBI/default.jpg",
                    "hqDefault": "http://i.ytimg.com/vi/YfUzMkAlOBI/hqdefault.jpg"
                "player": {
                    "default": "http://www.youtube.com/watch?v\u003dYfUzMkAlOBI&feature\u003dyoutube_gdata_player",
                    "mobile": "http://m.youtube.com/details?v\u003dYfUzMkAlOBI"

at this point i should create a field name called default at my parse java class. Already done this parse work with the other fields , the problem is that , default is a private java name so i can't call a variable default .

how can i manage that ?


I believe your answer lies in the JSON Field Naming Support:

Gson supports some pre-defined field naming policies to convert the standard Java field names (i.e. camel cased names starting with lower case --- "sampleFieldNameInJava") to a Json field name (i.e. sample_field_name_in_java or SampleFieldNameInJava).

See for instance the following example:

private class SomeObject {
  @SerializedName("custom_naming") private final String someField;
  private final String someOtherField;

  public SomeObject(String a, String b) {
    this.someField = a;
    this.someOtherField = b;

So you should be able to define the field mapping to the default value like this:

private final String someOtherNameThanDefault;

Just say it from my personal experience, @Key may not work on serialization/de-serialization when choosing the wrong Json parser.

(1) When you use Gson parser, like below :

GsonBuilder gsb = new GsonBuilder();
Gson gson = gsb.create();
OneDriveItem oneDriveItem = gson.fromJson(jasonData1, OneDriveItem.class);

@Key does not work, you should use @SerializedName to annotate the field name.

(2) When you use JsonFactory from the package com.google.api.client.json, like below :

 JacksonFactory jsonFactory=new JacksonFactory();

@Key should work.


If you're using the @Key annotation for your mapped fields, you just need to make use of a custom value that can be passed to this annotation. So choose a legal name for your field and map it as @Key("default"):

private String defaultUrl;
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