In Vue2, you can treat a value as HTML by wrapping it in a

<div v-html="computedValue"/>

However that adds an extra <div> tag around every element, whether or not it is required. What I'd like to do is optionally treat a value as raw HTML without requiring the extra div tag if it is non-html text.

The only way I can think of doing it right now requires adding 2 additional computed properties, and calculating the value multiple times:

<div v-if="containsHtml" v-html="computedValue"/>{{nonHtmlValue}}

The component

Vue.component("datatable-cell", {
    template: `
        <!-- above is ideal  I'm trying to avoid 
        <td><div v-if="containsHtml" v-html="computedValue"/>{{nonHtmlValue}}</td>
    props: ["row","column"],
    computed: {
        containsHtml: function(){
            return this.computedValue != null && this.computedValue.charAt[0] == "<";
        nonHtmlValue: function(){
           if(this.containsHtml) return "";
           return this.computedValue;
        computedValue: function(){
                var templateValue = this.column.template(this.row);
                    //Treat as HTML - how????
                    return templateValue;
                    //Escape and treat as text.  This already works
                    return templateValue;
                return this.row[column.name];

Old question, but in this case you could just set the v-html attribute on the td element itself:

<td v-html="computedValue"/></td>

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