I'm using the ebalance Stata package to calculate post-stratification weights, and I'd like to convert the weights output (_webal, which is generated as a double with format %10.0g) to a matrix.

I'd like to normalize all weights in the "control" group, but I can't seem to convert the variable to a matrix in order to manipulate the weights individually (I'm a novice to Stata, so I was just going to do this using a loop––I'd normally just export and do this in R, but I have to calculate results within a bootstrap). I can, however, view the individual-level weights produced by the output, and I can use them to calculate sample statistics.

Any ideas, anyone? Thanks so much!

This is not an answer, but it doesn't fit within a comment box.

As a self-described novice in Stata, you are asking the wrong question.

Your problem is that you have a variable that you want to do some calculations on, and since you can't just use R and you don't know how to do those (unspecified) calculations directly in Stata, you have decided that the first step is to create a matrix from the variable.

Your question would be better phrased as a simple description of the relevant portions of your data and the calculation you need to do using that data (ebalance is an obscure distraction that probably lost you a few readers) and where you are stuck.

See also https://stackoverflow.com/help/mcve for a discussion of completing a minimal complete example with a description of the results you expect for that example.

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