I want to use docker-compose yml file to update the container's PATH.

   - PATH="$PATH":/my/new/path

But when I start the container, it says

oci runtime error: exec failed: container_linux.go:265: starting container process caused "exec: \"bash\": executable file not found in $PATH"

Is it possible to update the container's PATH from docker-compose yml file?


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What you are doing is updating the PATH, however the error is resulting from the fact that $PATH is being expanded to the env variable's value that is on the host.

What you can do is figure the PATH value that is inside the container by default and appending to that value:

  1. Start the image without the variable: docker-compose up

  2. docker exec -it <container-name> bash

  3. run echo $PATH and copy the value
  4. replace the value in the compose file:

   - PATH=/usr/local/sbin:/usr/local/bin:/usr/sbin:/my/new/path

For me the error occurred when I was trying to execute my startup script command: bash startup.sh in docker-compose.

The problem was that my image build was made on alpine Linux which uses ash as shell instead of bash. Just double check that you are referring to correct shell interpreter. As well check that your sh scripts referring to correct unix shell e.g #!/bin/ash

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