really need help with trigger action on push events from gitlab to jenkins... i follow all the instructions appears in https://github.com/jenkinsci/gitlab-plugin/wiki/Setup-Example, with no succes, simple, when i make a commit to my repo nothing happen. The webhook i created seems to be fine, a test it and response OK, but not fire jenkins job. Any help will be appreciated.. I'm using GitLab 7.4.2 and Jenkins 2.73.1. Thanks in advanced


Consider how the webhook listener is declared in Jenkins:


If the webhook does fire, but nothing happens, that means the listener does not work (double-check the Jenkins logs to make sure there is no event relative to said webhook)

Change your webhook URL to one generated by webhook.site (or requestb.in, or write your own using ngrok, in order to validate that you are able to receive the webhook.

Note: GitLab 7.4.2 seems ancient, so it is possible that some bugs might have been fixed since then (GitLab 10.0.2).
For instance, issues 34143 and 22515.

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