I'm doing various projects in React.js with using awesome WebStorm by JetBrains.

Every time I type an existing component name WebStorm imports it automatically for me, which is awesome, but it is doing so by its relative path based on the file I'm doing the importation on.

Looks like so:

import vintageAxios from "../../../../services/api/index";

But I'm expecting it to be like:

import vintageAxios from "services/api/index";

I already setup my .env.local file with the NODE_PATH=src/ variable, I've used create-react-app to setup the project.

EDIT: I'm not having problems with the importations. What I want to know is if there is a way to configure WebStorm so it automatically does the importations with absolute instead of relative paths.


Found it (WebStorm 2017.2), after marking your source directory (ex. /src) as the source root (right click it to find that), you can then check this box:

enter image description here

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    Works like a charm! I needed to mark my src directory as "resource root" and it is doing the magic now! Oct 3 '17 at 16:02
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    If you're using typescript. It's Code Style/Typescript
    – henkieee
    Aug 7 '18 at 11:05
  • None of the advice here works for me. Using WebStorm 2020.3, src marked as Resource root, Javascript code style Use paths relative to the project is unchecked, TypeScript code style Use paths relative to tsconfig.json unchecked, EditorConfig disabled. Still imports files as ../../../../../../../this/drives/me/crazy/. Any ideas?
    – JHH
    Apr 22 at 15:16
  • Ok wow, so I misunderstood those checkboxes. To use paths relative to tsconfig.json is what I want, in order to avoid relative paths from each file. Not the best wording on that setting perhaps, or I'm just a sloppy reader today.
    – JHH
    Apr 22 at 15:18
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    I have the exact opposite problem. I want relative imports, but WebStorm insists on absolute imports. Toggling the settings in WebStorm has no effect. My tsconfig.json doesn't specify a baseUrl, yet WebStorm acts as if it is.
    – Distortum
    Jul 24 at 0:30

For anyone using Typescript. Check the option Use paths relative to tsconfig.json in Editor > Code Style > Typescript

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