I just need the url to remove the ReplyKeyboard.

I am using Python but not the Python BotLibrary. I do all the work with requests because I want the full flexibility.


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I looked it up and tested it in PHP:

$removeKeyboard = array('remove_keyboard' => true);
$removeKeyboardEncoded = json_encode($removeKeyboard);

The URL logic is the same in Python as it is in PHP, you just have to adjust the JSON encode function (...).


I learned Python in the last two years so here's the actual code:

import json
import urllib.request

removeKeyboard = {'remove_keyboard':True}
removeKeyboardEncoded = json.dumps(removeKeyboard)
urllib.request.urlopen("https://api.telegram.org/BOTTOKEN/sendmessage?chat_id=CHATID&text=MESSAGE&reply_markup=" + removeKeyboardEncoded).read()

In the current version of the Bot API you now have to add the text parameter -or else you get a Bad Request: message text is empty- but the rest works like it worked back then.


You can sendMessage via HTTPS request with ReplyKeyboardRemove.

  • I know what it is called, but I tried it and it doesn't work. How exactly has the url to look like?
    – HTS
    Sep 30, 2017 at 16:19

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