I'm supposed to be turning an excel spreadsheet with nontrivial functions into a web application. I have decided to work with Pandas, and I'm wondering what the best way to approach this is.

One of the things I need to do is allow people to input a certain number (we'll call this lot_number) and access other values in the same row.

For example, if lot_number = 3, address_value in a different column will be 555 Something Street. All of the lot_numbers and address_value entries are different.

My question is this: how can I access address_value using pandas depending on lot_number?

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Use iloc. Example as follows:

df.iloc[row, column] # accepts ints

This will give you access to that column and row.


So we find the row index and then do my original suggestion and get the entire row.

row = df.loc[df['address_value']==lot_number].index[0]
  • I don't think this appropriately addresses the question. The row will need to come from whatever row lot_number is in. Commented Sep 29, 2017 at 20:26
  • Sorry about that - See how you get on with the new updated
    – Adders
    Commented Sep 29, 2017 at 20:42
  • This seems like it may work, but it looks like it's returning too much data. Hang on a sec and let me check it out Commented Sep 29, 2017 at 21:10
  • I think this is close. I'm getting this error now. IndexError: index 0 is out of bounds for axis 0 with size 0 Commented Sep 29, 2017 at 21:16
  • Same here. Try [row, :]
    – Adders
    Commented Sep 29, 2017 at 21:28

By using lookup


Out[211]: array(['foo'], dtype=object)

Data input

  address_value  lot_number
0           foo           3
1           bar           2
2          blah           1

df = pd.DataFrame({'lot_number':[3,2,1], 'address_value':['foo','bar','blah']})


df = pd.DataFrame({'lot_number':[3,3,1], 'address_value':['foo','bar','blah']})


Out[223]: array(['foo', 'bar'], dtype=object)
  • Hi Wen. This looks perfect and works when I run your example, but with the csv I'm importing, I get this error. ValueError: Row labels must have same size as column labels . Any idea why? Commented Sep 29, 2017 at 20:47
  • @vipertherapper you have duplicated in columns ['lot_number']
    – BENY
    Commented Sep 29, 2017 at 20:49
  • @vipertherapper updated , BTW , you reach 15 reputation , you can upvote , and also accept the answer you like :)
    – BENY
    Commented Sep 29, 2017 at 20:51
  • Wen has enough rep. Help me out haha
    – Adders
    Commented Sep 29, 2017 at 20:56
  • Yes, I'll accept your answer as soon as I can figure this out. I'm still getting an error though. File "pandas/_libs/index.pyx".... KeyError: 'lot_number' Commented Sep 29, 2017 at 21:03

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