The partial indexing process creates more records than the Baseline updates.

During Baseline updates, ProductCatalogOutputConfig component, produces record count of 400.000

But during partial updates, even if one product is modified, the record count is more than the record count that was generated during Baseline.

The tables of IncrementalItemQueueRepository was examined and the records in srch_update_queue table but no break thoughs.

How to debug the issue here and also is there a way to calculate the probable record count.

Try the following:

  1. On the /atg/search/repository/IncrementalItemQueueRepository set the debugLevel to 10 and flush the cache.
  2. Query the table srch_update_queue in the core schema and get a count
  3. Run partial update and make sure that this table has cleared down.
  4. Make a simple change and again query the above table check the your items are in the queue
  5. Run partial update again

You might need to truncate the srch_update_queue especially if you have not been using this in the past and there are thousands of old updates in the queue.

To force the incremental entries to be automatically deleted when running a baseline update, set the forceDeleteGenerations=true on the component /atg/commerce/search/ProductCatalogOutputConfig/. There might be other output configs that you need to set this on depending on your configuration.

  • Thanks.. Instead of partial, if baseline is executed manually, should the data be removed manually from the tables to avoid this data be indexed once again through partial indexing? – Muralidharan.rade Oct 4 '17 at 13:51
  • If you are only using baseline indexes then I would disable the incrementals. However if you are using it I would recommend deleting just prior to running the baseling index. – bated Oct 4 '17 at 14:55

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