I'd like to export an activity with GPS coordinates as Garmin FIT file. This activity contains a pause. During this pause, position and height changes dramatically (let's say a shuttle moving to the top of a mountain). I don't want this move be counted as activity: distance and elevation gain should be neutral for statistics.

How can I construct my FIT file to exclude this movement during pause?

I've tried to create laps (LapMessage), set startPosition and endPosition for each active lap (GPX track-segment), but when importing FIT file to STRAVA, it counts distance moved during pause as if it was part of the activity.


Solution 1: Just ignore the pause and shrink the time.

Solution 2. Issue Event Messages for a timer: event = timer, event_type is start or stop.

  1. Start the timer before the first RecordMessage.
  2. Stop the timer when the pause begins (no messages are issued duting the pauase).
  3. Start the timer when the pause stops. Continue with time_from_course for the RecordMessage.
  4. Stop the timer at the end.


# start
event 14:09:10: type: timer, event_type: start
record 14:09:10: time_from_course: 0, ...
record 14:09:22: time_from_course: 12,...
event 14:15:13: type: timer, event_type: stop
event 14:20:07: type: timer, event_type: start
record 14:20:08: time_from_course: 13,...
event 15:45:39: type: timer, event_type: stop
# end

Note: Garmin connect parses such FIT well, however Strava computes the moving time wrong - with the pause.

  • Thanks @xmedeko, I'll try this. Very well explained... – hgoebl Mar 17 '18 at 7:10

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