So I have a SelectList being generated in this method:

public static SelectList HolidayDays()
    SelectList retval = GenerateKeyValueList<HolidayCity>(HolidayCityHelper.GetFriendlyName, HolidayCity.NotSet);

    //sort list (NY, London....then the rest in order)

    return retval;

The GenerateKeyValueList<> method is defined here:

public static SelectList GenerateKeyValueList<T>(Func<T, string> nameGetter, T itemToNoInclude) where T : struct, IComparable, IConvertible
    List<SelectListItem> list = new List<SelectListItem>();

    var enumList = Enum.GetValues(typeof(T));

    foreach (var curr in enumList)
        T t = (T)curr;
        if (t.Equals(itemToNoInclude) == false)
            list.Add(new SelectListItem() { Text = nameGetter(t), Value = Convert.ToInt32(t).ToString() });
    return new SelectList(list, "Value", "Text");

In the first listed method, how do I sort the list as so in the comment. I want the list to have "New York" as the 1st element, "London" as the 2nd, and then the rest of the elements in alphabetical order.

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list.OrderBy(i => i.Text == "New York")
    .ThenBy(i => i.Text == "London")
    .ThenBy(i => i.Text);

or you could write:

var items = from i in list
            orderby i.Text == "New York", i.Text == "London", i.Text descending
            select i;
  • Can I do this on the SelectList item in the first method? i don't want to touch the convert method.
    – slandau
    Jan 10, 2011 at 21:46

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