I am trying to implement retrofit for get and store advertise related int value in my android application. I am getting response like {"banner_on":"1","int_on":"1","int_click":"3"}from API.

I am using code in splash screen like this

Retrofit retrofit = ApiClient.getClient();
            ApiService apiService = retrofit.create(ApiService.class);
            apiService.getads().enqueue(new Callback<Ads>() {
                public void onResponse(Call<Ads> call, Response<Ads> response) {

                        constant.banner_on = response.body().banner_on();
                        constant.int_on = response.body().int_on();
                        constant.int_click = response.body().int_click();


                 public void onFailure(Call<Ads> call, Throwable t) {


My Ads Model is like below

public final class Ads {

    private int banner_on;
    private int int_on;
    private int int_click;

    public int banner_on() {
        return banner_on;
    public int int_on() {
        return int_on;
    public int int_click() {
        return int_click;

and my ApiService is like below


I am getting error like below

java.lang.NullPointerException: Attempt to invoke virtual method 'int com.myapp.example.model.Ads.banner_on()' on a null object reference

Let me know if someone can correct me where I am wrong. Thanks


The response.body() will be null if the request is unsuccessful.

if(response.isSuccessful()) //use response.body();
else // use response.errorBody();
  • @Priya That should be a typo, use isSuccessful – Nabin Bhandari Oct 2 '17 at 3:31

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