How to get the previous URL in Rails? Not the URL that you got a request from, but the one before that?

Because I'm getting an AJAX request, and I need the URL for the page they are currently on (or the URL before the AJAX).

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Try to use HTTP_REFERER.

In Rails: request.referrer or request.headers["HTTP_REFERER"]


<%= url_for(:back) %>
# if request.env["HTTP_REFERER"] is set to ""
# =>

here is more details.

In a web application there is no such thing as a previous url. The http protocol is stateless, so each request is independent of each other.

You could have the Javascript code, that sends a request back, send the current url with the request.

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    that's exactly the correct answer and we all should read Roy Fielding's paper again! – awenkhh Mar 12 '15 at 8:21

Just came across this question and it related to something simple I was doing presently.

A simple solution I have employed before when using ajax wizard style apps is to store two session variables which contain the previous and current request (with all params). I just add these two lines to my application controller

session[:previous_request_url] = session[:current_request_url]
session[:current_request_url] = request.url -> great for ajax -> You could put in session as many previous url as you want.

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