I'm trying to create new route but with different view using layoutView attribute in the route config options but I get the below error :

Error: Unable to find module with ID: reportBuilder/reportBuilderCreateDataset.html

Here is my code :

    route: this.BASE_URL + 'reportBuilder',
    moduleId: PLATFORM.moduleName('reportBuilder/reportBuilder'),
    name: 'reportBuilder',
    title: 'Report Builder',
    settings: {
        roles: [],
        icoClass: 'fa fa-file-text-o'
    nav: true
    route: this.BASE_URL + 'reportBuilder/query',
    moduleId: PLATFORM.moduleName('reportBuilder/reportBuilderCreateDataset'),
    name: 'reportBuilderCreateDataset',
    title: 'Report Builder from create dataset',
    layoutView: 'reportBuilder/reportBuilder.html'
  • Did you try to add PLATFORM.modulename with the layoutView like this: layoutView: PLATFORM.modulename('reportBuilder/reportBuilder.html') ? Oct 4, 2017 at 7:13
  • Yes, I did with no luck Oct 5, 2017 at 9:06

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For anyone stuck like me, I did it by creating the needed html view and used compose tag inside it to load the shared view and I can change it once from one file.

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