I have to fill out a form that is inside an iframe, here the sample page. I cannot access by simply using page.focus() and page.type(). I tried to get the form iframe by using const formFrame = page.mainFrame().childFrames()[0], which works but I cannot really interact with the form iframe.

  • What the page look's like, please consider that the other can't help you if we can't see the problem. – Adi Prasetyo Oct 16 '17 at 0:23
  • goodmanmfg.com/product-registration Here's the website. I want to autofill this website and register many serial numbers automatically. – Raza Oct 16 '17 at 4:11
  • the page is too heavy, around 6.6 MB. what puppeteer version you use? – Adi Prasetyo Oct 16 '17 at 17:49
  • I'm using the version that is available right now. 0.13.0 – Raza Oct 17 '17 at 1:37
  • i was unable to continue because, i don't have a valid serial number. – Adi Prasetyo Oct 19 '17 at 13:26

I figured it out myself. Here's the code.

console.log('waiting for iframe with form to be ready.');
await page.waitForSelector('iframe');
console.log('iframe is ready. Loading iframe content');

const elementHandle = await page.$(
const frame = await elementHandle.contentFrame();

console.log('filling form in iframe');
await frame.type('#Name', 'Bob', { delay: 100 });
  • it seems 'delay' is important here. otherwise it types random stuff. not sure if its a bug or what.. – baburao Jun 1 '20 at 21:05
  • 2
    $ is redundant. waitForSelector already returns element handle. – Oleg V. Volkov Jul 23 '20 at 10:27

Instead of figuring out how to get inside the iFrame and type, I would simplify the problem by navigating to the IFrame URL directly


Make your script directly go to the above URL and try automating, it should work

Edit-1: Using frames

Since the simple approach didn't work for you, we do it with the frames itself

Below is a simple script which should help you get started

const puppeteer = require('puppeteer');
(async () => {
    const browser = await puppeteer.launch({ headless: false });
    const page = await browser.newPage();
    await page.goto('http://www.goodmanmfg.com/product-registration', { timeout: 80000 });
    var frames = await page.frames();
    var myframe = frames.find(
        f =>
            f.url().indexOf("NewRegistration") > -1);
    const serialNumber = await myframe.$("#MainContent_SerNumText");
    await serialNumber.type("12345");

    await page.screenshot({ path: 'example.png' });

    await browser.close();

The output is

Type serial

  • I tried that too. But in the next page, you interact with the iframe and the main frame. – Raza Oct 21 '17 at 22:03

If you can't select/find iFrame read this:

I had an issue with finding stripe elements. The reason for that is the following:

You can't access an with different origin using JavaScript, it would be a huge security flaw if you could do it. For the same-origin policy browsers block scripts trying to access a frame with a different origin. See more detailed answer here

Therefore when I tried to use puppeteer's methods:Page.frames() and Page.mainFrame(). ElementHandle.contentFrame() I did not return any iframe to me. The problem is that it was happening silently and I couldn't figure out why it couldn't find anything.

Adding these arguments to launch options solved the issue: '--disable-web-security', '--disable-features=IsolateOrigins,site-per-process'

  • 4
    Aha! I needed the second flag too, for testing Stripe. Thank you so much! – winrid May 30 '20 at 5:51

Though you have figured out but I think I have better solution. Hope it helps.

async doFillForm() {
    return await this.page.evaluate(() => {
       let iframe = document.getElementById('frame_id_where_form_is _present');
       let doc = iframe.contentDocument;

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