I am new to swift, and I would like to create an extension of the Dog class:

class ViewController: UIViewController {

    override func viewDidLoad() {

    public class Dog {
        var name = "Timmy"

extension Dog {
    func description() -> String {
        return "A dog named \(self.name)"

I thought extensions go at the way bottom, can someone help me with this?


Your Dog class is "hidden" inside your ViewController class. Declare it at top level or refer to it as ViewController.Dog.


The problem is that you have declared a class (Dog) inside another class (ViewController) - which is a don't in the first place - and so the class is not visible outside the other. Also, you don't have to put an extension at the very end of a file.


Move the class:

class ViewController: UIViewController { ... }

class Dog {}

extension Dog {}

Solution #2

Change how you refer to the class:

extension ViewController.Dog {}

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