I am getting the following error message using the suggested Square Code for POS SDK "card present transactions" for Swift 3:

T ype of expression is ambiguous without more context

The offending line of code is:

let apiRequest = try SCCAPIRequest(

I believe I have followed all the preparation steps properly such as registering URLs with Square and adding entries to AppDelegate.

The Square Code is:

do {
// Specify the amount of money to charge
 let money = try SCCMoney(amountCents: 100, currencyCode: "AUD")

// Create the request.
let apiRequest =
    try SCCAPIRequest(
        callbackURL: callbackURL,
        amount: money,
        userInfoString: nil,
        merchantID: locationId,
        notes:  note,
        customerID: nil,
        supportedTenderTypes: .cash, .card,
        clearsDefaultFees: false,
        returnAutomaticallyAfterPayment: false

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supportedTenderTypes is an NS_OPTIONS enumeration. If you are planning to suppport multiple tender types, you need to enclose them by square brackets, like the following:

supportedTenderTypes: [.cash, .card]

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