I am using asp.net (c#) and for validation of an email address field, I have the following regular expression:


This works just fine except that when any leading/trailing white spaces are added to the email field, it throws an error as invalid email. How can I modify the regular expression in a way that it would accept such white spaces (later on in my code, I'll remove any spaces from either side so I store valid emails)? Thanks

  • By the way, + is a valid character in e-mail addresses. Gmail allows you to have me@gmail.com and then you can alias it like so: me+alias@gmail.com. See here for more info. – Llama Oct 3 '17 at 4:24

This doesn't sound right to allow spaces and you will trim off later, the regex is helping that scenario and providing that validation (although you should still check server side)

I think adding (\\s*) at the beginning and end should help you though. i.e.


This is saying start or ends with whitespace

  • That worked. Thank you. Btw, the reason I am allowing for space and them trimming it, is that sometimes people copy their email address from another page/application and when pasted, somehow it comes with a space. They don't notice the space and I don't want to give them an error every time. Would be too inconvenient for the users. – houman_ag Oct 3 '17 at 4:22
  • 1
    For people reading this in the future: As I said on the original question, the + symbol is valid before the @, and typically allows the user to create an alias of their inbox. \+ should be added to the first character set. See here for more information. – Llama Oct 3 '17 at 4:27

Try this one


This site also help https://regexr.com/

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