I am a newbie to iOS and I am using alamofire. When i call the API the result is successfully getting printed to console as shown


What I want is, to only extract the message from this response and present it to user. How to do it? I have searched for this but I found content related to converting string to JSON object or JSON object to JSON string. But my response is of type DataResponse<Any> and I don't know exactly how to deal with it.

P.s I am using Xcode 8, Swift 3.


You can try something like this:

if let object = response.result.value as? [String:Any], let message = object["message"] as? String {
    print(message) // "User has been successfully registrered"

As Rashwan L Answer is perfect !!

Still I am suggesting A better way to do it using ObjectMapper

It is very easy to access each property easily

First You need to Download SwiftyJSONAccelerator application in your system which let you convert your JSON Response to Class or struct whatever you need.



And Create Class for your JSON, And Select ObjectMapper if you are not using SwiftyJosn from drop down Where there are three options.

Drag and drop all generated class file to your XCode make sure you select Copy Item if needed Check box Selected

How to use ?

       import ObjectMapper

        WebServices().getMyWSResponse(success: { (response) in
            guard let res = response as? [String:Any], let obect = Mapper<MYGeneratedModelClass>().map(JSON: res) else {

            //Here you get  obect  , You can access object.message

        }, error: { (error) in


Note: WebServices().getMyWSResponse is My Class to call ws you don't need to worry about that

Hope it is helpful to you

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