I'm just running a simple npm install and i get this error.

npm ERR! path /Users/jasonazoulay/Desktop/fabrick.io/delegation/node_modules/@angular/cli/node_modules/webpack/node_modules/yargs/node_modules/os-locale/node_modules/execa/node_modules/cross-spawn/node_modules/.bin/which
npm ERR! code EEXIST
npm ERR! Refusing to delete /Users/jasonazoulay/Desktop/fabrick.io/delegation/node_modules/@angular/cli/node_modules/webpack/node_modules/yargs/node_modules/os-locale/node_modules/execa/node_modules/cross-spawn/node_modules/.bin/which: is outside /Users/jasonazoulay/Desktop/fabrick.io/delegation/node_modules/@angular/cli/node_modules/webpack/node_modules/yargs/node_modules/os-locale/node_modules/execa/node_modules/cross-spawn/node_modules/which and not a link
npm ERR! File exists: /Users/jasonazoulay/Desktop/fabrick.io/delegation/node_modules/@angular/cli/node_modules/webpack/node_modules/yargs/node_modules/os-locale/node_modules/execa/node_modules/cross-spawn/node_modules/.bin/which
npm ERR! Move it away, and try again

This is the first time I get this error and I don't know what to do.

  • have you also tried running sudo npm install? – antzshrek Oct 3 '17 at 9:34
  • Yes it did the same – Azoulay Jason Oct 3 '17 at 9:36

Delete the node_modules directory completely.
Then run npm install again.

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    It worked without sudo. Why do we need sudo here? – Dilip May 28 '18 at 9:41

This was how I solved mine after 'googling' around...

  • Navigate to the directory your node was installed in
  • rename your npm.cmd and npm files
  • Try run the installation again
  • If successful..delete the files you renamed earlier npm and npm.cmd
  • if not, :( :(

The cli commands here...in case you don't want to be renaming and stuffs

cd %ProgramFiles%\nodejs
ren npm.cmd npm2.cmd
ren npm npm2 
npm2 install npm@latest -g

del npm2
del npm2.cmd


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    This answer worked for me, but also I had to rename npx.cmd and npx to npx2.cmd and npx2. I also had to run the terminal as administrator. – raphadko Feb 15 at 18:20
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    This worked for me, too. Had to rename npx and npx.cmd as well as npm and npm.cmd. I then did "npm_ update -g npm" and it worked. Perhaps it had something to do with the fact, that I did not install nodejs via an Installer, but rather extracted it from a zip-file instead. – Igor Mar 8 at 16:31
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    also need to rename npx.cmd – Reza Oct 18 at 19:12

Try running npm update -g npm then run npm i again.
If that doesn't work maybe npm cache clean helps.

If that doesn't work either you should consider removing the node_modules folder in your application and running npm i again.
If you still have no luck, I suggest removing the package-lock.json and the node_modules folder before running npm i.

  • I've already run both of this commands and didn't work – Azoulay Jason Oct 3 '17 at 9:41
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    @AzoulayJason I just realized. If you are using the newest verison of the angular CLI it is highly recommended to use yarn instead of npm i. There is some sort of bug related to npm in the latest version. Hope it helps! – OArnarsson Oct 3 '17 at 10:05

I got this problem on Linux (npm is the current latest 5.6.0), because I created a tgz archive, and I needed to --dereference some symlinks (see man tar) when creating a tgz archive (which was them copied to VM for testing). This way a lot of symlinks in node_modules/.bin also became regular files. npm says in the error message, .e.g.

npm ERR! Refusing to delete /path/to/node_modules/.bin/jest: is outside /path/to/node_modules/jest and not a link


I had a similar error(mine is not @angular),
resolved by deleting and reinstalling node with installer.


I had the same problem and it turned out the problem was that a stray instance of npm was running somewhere in the background at the same time I was trying to do the install (it was Webpack's npm run serve, to be precise).

Stopping the running instance resolved the problem.

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