in this value "overdueDays", I would like to fetch 0 if this field is null.

Thanks. Code Is Here

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    add code as code text. don't need to add external image – arslanaybars Oct 3 '17 at 10:01

Could you try this.

overdueDays = g.Any(x => x.AdatGun < 0) ? your code here: 0;
  • Thank you so much. worked. – ZoLBaN Oct 3 '17 at 10:14

Use the null coalescing operator.

The ?? operator is called the null-coalescing operator. It returns the left-hand operand if the operand is not null; otherwise it returns the right hand operand.

You code would look like this.

overdueDays = g.Where(x => x.Adatgun < 0).Sum(x => x.AdatTutar) /
              g.Where(x => x.AdatGun < 0).Sum(x => x.DocLastTotal) ?? 0,
averageDebtorDate = ....

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