In Play 2.5.9 , I could embed images in a reusable block. Since moving to Play 2.6.3 , the images cannot be displayed. See https://github.com/raychenon/play-table-of-contents/blob/master/app/views/thankyou.scala.html#L5

Any full image urls on https or http cannot be displayed.

You can have a look at the app running here. The current version running is in this branch.

I'm pretty sure I'm missing one key in the application.conf. Or any idea how to embed images in Play 2.6 ?

  • Check you're not violating the new automatically-applied content security policy headers (see here.) You can disable the filter entirely by putting play.filters.disabled += "play.filters.headers.SecurityHeadersFilter" in your application.conf, though it's obviously better to figure out what you need to unrestrict in a more targeted manner. – Mikesname Oct 9 '17 at 14:44
  • Thanks @Mikesname , I tried the filter. It did not work. Neither play.filters.disabled+=play.filters.hosts.AllowedHostsFilter . Thanks for the help – Raymond Chenon Oct 9 '17 at 22:08

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