I have 7 different names on the x-axis and for each 7, there are 4 corresponding y-values (4 bars), but it is not giving me the clustered bar histogram with the script that looks like ..

set yrange [0:4]

set boxwidth 0.1 
set style data histograms
set style histogram cluster gap 0.1 
set style fill solid 1.0 border -1
set auto x

plot    "dataset.dat" using 2:xticlabel(1) with boxes ls 1 title col, \
        "dataset.dat" using 3:xticlabel(1) with boxes ls 2 title col, \
        "dataset.dat" using 4:xticlabel(1) with boxes ls 3 title col, \
        "dataset.dat" using 5:xticlabel(1) with boxes ls 4 title col 

Is there something wrong with the script?

enter image description here

  • Simply remove those with boxes, they overrides the histogram style. – Christoph Oct 3 '17 at 18:27
  • That worked. Thank you! – Paul Joo Oct 4 '17 at 0:36

In gnuplot you have different ways to specify the actual plotting style:

  • set style data ... sets a global default plotting style for all data plots.
  • plot ... with ... sets a plotting style for that distinct plot. This overrides any global plotting styles.

That means, that in your example with boxes overrides the set style data histogram. Simply remove the with boxes parts and you get a histogram.

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