Is there a way to copy/yank a whole a form in Slime/Emacs?

For instance, if I have the following function:

(myfunc (lst)
    (myotherfunc lst))

I'd like to yank/copy:

(myotherfunc lst)

by issuing a keyboard shortcut when my cursor is at the opening or closing parenthesis for that form (at the point where Slime/Emacs does parenthesis matching).

  • C-M-SPC (mark-sexp) to put the mark at the end of the sexp, then copy/yank

  • C-M-f (forward-sexp) and C-M-b (backward-sexp) are useful to move forward and backward over a balanced expression



In my Emacs, function kill-sexp is bound to C-M-k. That is, assuming the point is just before an opening delimiter of a balanced expression, press Control, Meta, and k at the same time.

This same command works in various other non-Lisp modes, such as killing brace-delimited blocks in a C-style mode, though the kill-sexp command may not be bound to the same keys.


The emacs minor mode ParEdit does this on normal kills 'C-k' by default. I would certainly recommend it to any emacs+slime users.

  • Also worth mentioning here just as a reminder for anyone that doesn't know C-y will insert the line back into the buffer at the current cursor location. Mar 25 '12 at 4:48

You can use lispy and then you can press n which runs lispy-new-copy to copy

(myotherfunc lst)

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