I'm using btoa function in a JavaScript file. It should run both in unit tests using Jasmine and in the browser. Since btoa is not available in node, I imported the npm package btoa. I'm using browserify and since this function is already defined in the browser, I don't want to bundle it with my JS. I import it using:

var btoa = require("btoa");

and call it:

var x = btoa(plainText);

The issue is that when I use browserify, the function gets bundled with the output js. I tried the -i btoa flag but the result was I'm getting "btoa is not a function" error in the browser. How to import this module only when running unit tests?



I solved this by using "btoa-lite" package instead of btoa package. "btoa-lite" defines btoa-node.js which is used in node (and Jasmine unit tests) btoa-browser.js which browserify references when it bundles JavaScript dependencies. btoa-browser.js just forwards the call to btoa function implemented in the browser. The same for "atob-lite" package.

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