What is the actual maximum duration in seconds for a custom sound played when a notification arrives in Android?

In iOS the limit is officially at 30 s for custom sounds.

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Nice to meet you here, Beat! I'm not sure that you still need the answer, but anyways:

I wasn't able to find any limit in Android documentation and decided to make a test. So I set Beethoven's 5th Symphony (36:20) as a notification sound and started a notification. It played the full time. So I assume, that Android has no notification sound limit.

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I did some tests on Android Smartphones and Tablets:

  • Android 12 (Realme 8): approx 5 seconds, then it gets cut off
  • Android 12 (Samsung Galaxy Tab A7 SM-T505): Custom sound not possible - only preinstalled sounds
  • Android 11 (Samsung Galaxy Tab A SM-T295): Custom sound not possible - only preinstalled sounds

To me it seems to be very much dependent on the producer how the notifications get handled. On some older android phones I also didn't find the possibility to set individual sounds per app.

If you are a developer

We added a process in our app that gets called by the notification to play a sound for an alarm - this way it's a little bit more consistent. Right now the process gets killed after a max of 30 seconds - so thats the maximum playtime in this scenario. We also required a longer notification sound in iOs but we didn't find a possibility yet.

It's a pain in the arm just to trigger a simple but important alarm in 2022...

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