Following is a Nodejs code snippet, which creates a selector and queries the CouchDB using this selector. However, the variable "asset_key_path" does not work well in the selector. Specifically, the value of the variable "asset_key_path" is "DocType", the code works fine if I replace "asset_key_path" with "'DocType'" in the selector. How can I make it work by using the variable name "asset_key_path" instead of the using its value "DocType" in the selector?

var tx_type = obj.filter.tx_type;
var key = obj.filter.key;
var asset_key_path = obj.filter.asset_key_path; /*asset_key_path = "DocType"*/
var asset_value_path = obj.filter.asset_value_path;

var selector = {
  "selector": {
    "txType": tx_type,
    "key": key,
        asset_key_path: asset_value_path
        /*Works OK with "DocType": asset_value_path*/

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