I'm creating a single page CouchApp, using _attachments to serve the JavaScript application directly from CouchDB. I've set up a vhost to db/_design/ddoc/_rewrite to achieve this.

The data in the database can only be viewed by certain users in the _users database, which is achieved by adding them as members to the db/_security document.

I would like the single page application, which has PouchDB packaged, to take control of fetching data, and performing authentication by means of pouchdb-authentication. Herein lies the problem: I cannot access the application before authenticating.

That leads me to my question; Is there a way to expose the _attachments in a design document to unauthenticated users, without granting everybody access to the rest of the database? Currently I'm weighing toward storing my app in a separate database without any members, but I would prefer to use a single database and work it out with the permission system in place.

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The short answer is no. Some things you can try are:

  • Create the authentication app in a separate database that's public and empty, then redirect to your app from there (you have to be in the same domain).
  • Create the authentication app outside of CouchDB and use a proxy to serve everything from the same domain.
  • THIS IS VERY UNSAFE AND SUBOPTIMAL but for testing purposes you can enable Basic Auth in the application, which will give you a way to authenticate via the browser before you are denied access to the database.

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