i have an E3/E4 mixed application with compatibility layer. I would like to run E4 based code after the whole application has started and the GUI has completely rendered.

  • I tried to use a LifeCycle Manager but all annotations are to early for it.
  • I tried it in the ApplicationWorkbenchWindowAdvisor but there I have no access to the EModelService or MApplication.
  • As a processor extension I tried it too, but this is also too early the same for an Addon in the Application.e4xmi.

Is there maybe a listener or something similar where I can hook my code?

thank you


You can use the Application Startup Complete event for this.

If you have a Life Cycle class just add a method like the following to the class:

public void appStartupComplete(@UIEventTopic(UIEvents.UILifeCycle.APP_STARTUP_COMPLETE) final Event event)

Or you can use the event broker to subscribe to the UIEvents.UILifeCycle.APP_STARTUP_COMPLETE event.

Note: Event in the above is org.osgi.service.event.Event - there are several different Event classes so it is easy to get the wrong one.

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