I had written a code to check if my AccessibilityService is running or not and based on the result, the text in text view must change to ON/OFF.

This was my code:

 public boolean Running() {
        String enabledServices = Settings.Secure.getString(this.getContentResolver(), Settings.Secure.ENABLED_ACCESSIBILITY_SERVICES);
        String[] runningServices = enabledServices.split(":");
        for (String runningService : runningServices) {
            if (runningService.contains(DisplayService.class.getName()))
                return true;
        return false;

but this code is not working from 7.1.1 anymore. What changes can I do to this to make it work. The current version of android I am using is android 7.1.2.



Add android:accessibilityFeedbackType="feedbackAllMask"

configure the service using an XML file

     android:packageNames="com.example.android.myFirstApp, com.example.android.mySecondApp"
     android:accessibilityFeedbackType="feedbackAllMask"     android:notificationTimeout="100"
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  • Where should I add this code? And what should I change in the code above? – Thomas Oct 6 '17 at 9:51
  • If you go the XML route, be sure to reference it in your manifest, by adding a <meta-data> tag to your service declaration, pointing at the XML file. If you stored your XML file in res/xml/serviceconfig.xml, the new tag would look like this: <service android:name=”.MyAccessibilityService”> <intent-filter> <action android:name=”android.accessibilityservice.AccessibilityService” /> </intent-filter> <meta-data android:name=”android.accessibilityservice” android:resource=”@xml/serviceconfig” /> </service> – Akshay Chopde Oct 6 '17 at 9:54

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