I’m pretty new to optimization field, so forgive me if my question is too simple. I ran an optimization using Scipy (method SLSQP) and another one using Pyomo (IPOPT solver).

Pyomo runs in less than one minute and Scipy takes 4 hours. Both have the same inputs, constraints and objective function. However, I got different results and my final results are 3% lower in Pyomo.

There is no constraint violation, so I wonder if there is anything that happens under the hood to justify this difference?

I put the log of solvers below.

Many thanks!

Pyomo (IPOPT):

Number of nonzeros in equality constraint Jacobian...:        0
Number of nonzeros in inequality constraint Jacobian.:     2328
Number of nonzeros in Lagrangian Hessian.............:     5796

Total number of variables............................:     1656
                     variables with only lower bounds:        0
                variables with lower and upper bounds:     1656
                     variables with only upper bounds:        0
Total number of equality constraints.................:        0
Total number of inequality constraints...............:     1164
        inequality constraints with only lower bounds:        0
   inequality constraints with lower and upper bounds:        0
        inequality constraints with only upper bounds:     1164

iter    objective    inf_pr   inf_du lg(mu)  ||d||  lg(rg) alpha_du alpha_pr ls
 0 1.2175516e-001 2.00e-003 1.10e+000  -1.0 0.00e+000    -  0.00e+000 0.00e+000   0
 1 1.7159127e-001 4.64e-004 2.68e+001  -1.0 9.89e-002    -  1.00e+000 2.99e-002f  1
 2 1.4757673e-001 1.02e-006 4.63e-001  -1.0 1.18e-002    -  1.00e+000 9.90e-001h  1
 3 1.4578777e-001 0.00e+000 1.91e+001  -1.7 1.13e-003    -  7.16e-001 1.00e+000f  1
 4 1.4522458e-001 0.00e+000 3.57e-004  -1.7 4.35e-004    -  1.00e+000 1.00e+000f  1
 5 1.4516754e-001 0.00e+000 5.01e-008  -3.8 5.97e-006    -  1.00e+000 1.00e+000f  1
 6 1.3779755e-001 0.00e+000 2.13e-001  -5.7 1.10e-003    -  5.33e-001 1.00e+000f  1
 7 1.2833665e-001 0.00e+000 8.20e-002  -5.7 1.50e-003    -  6.14e-001 1.00e+000f  1
 8 1.2186589e-001 0.00e+000 3.96e-002  -5.7 1.58e-003    -  5.14e-001 8.75e-001f  1
 9 1.1779793e-001 0.00e+000 1.98e-002  -5.7 1.26e-003    -  5.80e-001 9.20e-001f  1
 iter    objective    inf_pr   inf_du lg(mu)  ||d||  lg(rg) alpha_du alpha_pr  ls
 10 1.1546554e-001 0.00e+000 8.06e-003  -5.7 1.29e-003    -  7.18e-001 1.00e+000f  1
 11 1.1457517e-001 0.00e+000 6.17e-005  -5.7 7.62e-004    -  1.00e+000 1.00e+000f  1
 12 1.1440512e-001 0.00e+000 5.72e-006  -5.7 2.98e-004    -  1.00e+000 1.00e+000f  1
 13 1.1285677e-001 0.00e+000 3.15e-003  -8.6 1.37e-003    -  6.05e-001 7.84e-001f  1
 14 1.1237444e-001 0.00e+000 1.24e-003  -8.6 1.35e-003    -  6.37e-001 6.43e-001f  1
 15 1.1214949e-001 0.00e+000 1.70e-003  -8.6 1.54e-003    -  4.40e-001 6.26e-001f  1
 16 1.1203489e-001 0.00e+000 1.40e-003  -8.6 2.82e-003    -  4.49e-001 7.18e-001f  1
 17 1.1200180e-001 0.00e+000 4.97e-004  -8.6 1.21e-003    -  6.60e-001 5.89e-001f  1
 18 1.1197130e-001 0.00e+000 2.65e-004  -8.6 1.62e-003    -  6.69e-001 9.46e-001f  1
 19 1.1196671e-001 0.00e+000 1.70e-004  -8.6 8.83e-004    -  1.00e+000 8.58e-001f  1
 iter    objective    inf_pr   inf_du lg(mu)  ||d||  lg(rg) alpha_du alpha_pr  ls
 20 1.1196558e-001 0.00e+000 8.21e-007  -8.6 7.88e-004    -  1.00e+000 1.00e+000f  1
 21 1.1196558e-001 0.00e+000 4.69e-009  -8.6 3.18e-005    -  1.00e+000 1.00e+000h  1

Number of Iterations....: 21

                               (scaled)                 (unscaled)
Objective...............:  1.1196557946295761e-001   1.1196557946295761e-001
Dual infeasibility......:  4.6902322746109060e-009   4.6902322746109060e-009
Constraint violation....:  0.0000000000000000e+000   0.0000000000000000e+000
Complementarity.........:  2.5450573136704817e-009   2.5450573136704817e-009
Overall NLP error.......:  4.6902322746109060e-009   4.6902322746109060e-009

Number of objective function evaluations             = 22
Number of objective gradient evaluations             = 22
Number of equality constraint evaluations            = 0
Number of inequality constraint evaluations          = 22
Number of equality constraint Jacobian evaluations   = 0
Number of inequality constraint Jacobian evaluations = 22
Number of Lagrangian Hessian evaluations             = 21
Total CPU secs in IPOPT (w/o function evaluations)   =      3.105
Total CPU secs in NLP function evaluations           =     64.320

EXIT: Optimal Solution Found.

Scipy (SLSQP):

Optimization terminated successfully.    (Exit mode 0)
            Current function value: -0.218957755761
            Iterations: 16
            Function evaluations: 8875
            Gradient evaluations: 16
 fun: -0.21895775576074572
 jac: array([ -2.86530703e-05,   2.38219555e-02,  -1.52000505e-02,
    -8.21491890e-03,   3.59528698e-03,  -7.48533383e-03,
    -1.92692690e-03,  -3.41123156e-03,  -3.21419816e-02,
    -9.97265056e-03,  -6.48400187e-03,  -5.71907870e-02,
    -4.65486385e-03,   1.15180114e-01,  -1.14405552e-01,
    -9.20804739e-02,  -5.98104000e-02,  -1.90570783e-01,
    -2.40653940e-03,   8.92927870e-03,  -3.03730890e-02,
    -3.75409909e-02,  -1.84157491e-02,  -6.97886087e-02,
    -7.83495419e-03,   7.51326103e-02,  -1.36542384e-01,
    -1.64468037e-01,  -5.80270607e-02,  -2.43128262e-01,
     9.03517008e-04,   1.44044254e-01,  -4.12496198e-02,
     1.62238544e-01,   5.17717227e-02,   6.62118383e-03,
    -6.94024377e-03,  -1.62795186e-06,  -7.60566294e-02,
     2.84731667e-02,   9.48129594e-03,   1.77269895e-02,
    -1.79448333e-02,   4.12751781e-01,  -5.09224996e-01,
    -4.75407017e-01,  -1.37610277e-01,  -3.66811626e-01,
    -1.09504517e-02,   8.36522859e-02,  -8.82836487e-02,
    -1.12652794e-01,  -9.48307663e-03,  -1.70594741e-01,
    -4.89408337e-03,   1.44064132e-01,  -2.83695426e-01,
    -6.33431289e-01,  -1.10606764e-01,  -1.23438478e+00,
     6.29534945e-04,   2.11109556e-02,  -8.12242366e-03,
    -5.52550517e-03,  -1.05711445e-03,  -4.10291739e-03,
    -1.12794340e-04,   8.43631104e-04,  -4.40889411e-03,
    -3.51147540e-03,  -3.96092795e-03,  -1.60357766e-02,
    -2.87283026e-03,   9.95702017e-02,  -8.42474047e-02,
    -5.85573092e-02,  -1.97137874e-02,  -1.17533877e-01,
    -4.55826521e-04,   8.99187662e-03,  -9.73374955e-03,
    -1.53909251e-02,  -1.01474449e-02,  -3.47449742e-02,
    -7.40325637e-03,   5.10204509e-02,  -1.03980640e-01,
    -1.28275935e-01,  -3.68812345e-02,  -1.87080827e-01,
     3.97755578e-03,   1.27710635e-01,   1.24892965e-03,
     6.84398040e-03,  -4.52733599e-03,   3.05649638e-03,
    -1.26620755e-03,   4.24076803e-03,  -1.80831421e-02,
     2.43064966e-02,   9.49857384e-03,  -1.87398158e-02,
    -1.77961476e-02,   2.05051536e-01,  -3.54529817e-01,
    -1.13319729e-01,  -8.52574222e-02,  -2.59923333e-01,
    -4.84287739e-08,   5.70387375e-02,  -1.34056807e-02,
    -2.43987478e-02,  -9.49930027e-03,  -4.61928491e-02,
    -6.80417009e-03,   1.12068275e-01,  -1.86054656e-01,
    -3.74100447e-01,  -4.32863012e-02,  -6.24756081e-01,
     4.32096422e-05,   5.92724048e-03,  -8.94419849e-04,
    -1.60194561e-03,  -1.33785978e-03,  -7.82429613e-03,
     1.15226954e-04,   4.10270691e-03,   9.56920907e-04,
    -9.39304009e-04,  -1.52550451e-03,  -1.23954304e-02,
    -2.23761424e-04,   4.16153856e-03,  -5.92420809e-03,
    -4.37961146e-03,  -8.66637938e-03,  -9.28674955e-02,
    -1.03672035e-03,   8.45305808e-03,  -9.75430571e-03,
    -1.07939821e-02,  -1.42787714e-02,  -7.95205198e-02,
    -5.15344553e-03,  -1.00889970e-02,  -1.49491001e-02,
    -1.03760045e-02,  -1.52482167e-02,  -4.55282964e-02,
    -3.72127816e-03,  -6.14217855e-03,  -1.30692031e-02,
    -2.25217454e-03,  -5.74426726e-03,  -2.93964595e-02,
     6.40904531e-04,   3.90792079e-02,   1.43495500e-02,
    -2.58227624e-03,  -3.28428857e-03,  -2.17399020e-02,
     7.04728067e-04,   1.24288686e-02,   4.11624648e-03,
    -1.81579404e-03,  -4.29862924e-03,  -2.11058315e-02,
    -7.32630491e-04,   1.12954117e-02,  -1.88982859e-02,
    -2.35779863e-02,  -3.08214929e-02,  -2.37093600e-01,
    -4.50097211e-03,   1.66281778e-02,  -6.18589669e-03,
    -2.63096057e-02,  -5.14719374e-02,  -1.85552407e-01,
    -1.11916158e-02,  -2.29235720e-02,  -5.41237053e-02,
    -1.93158500e-02,  -1.13643501e-02,  -3.10595483e-02,
    -1.07513871e-02,  -1.90889183e-02,  -3.54674589e-02,
    -1.76651645e-02,  -2.94905212e-02,  -7.99291506e-02,
     0.00000000e+00,   9.88531858e-03,   1.05758756e-03,
    -2.41546892e-03,  -1.73184648e-03,  -8.43126141e-03,
     2.30846927e-04,   5.94364479e-03,   1.13965571e-03,
    -8.49841163e-04,  -1.96019933e-03,  -6.37469999e-03,
    -9.47732478e-05,   4.79303859e-03,  -2.08349712e-03,
    -3.83082405e-03,  -3.19225155e-03,  -3.60421091e-02,
    -5.54338098e-04,   5.27323410e-03,  -4.00500000e-03,
    -4.98357229e-03,  -9.01233219e-03,  -4.78239655e-02,
    -2.61466764e-03,  -1.01818740e-02,  -9.53836553e-03,
     3.85768712e-03,  -4.17769700e-03,  -8.56735930e-03,
    -3.28000821e-03,  -4.06493433e-03,  -4.02838178e-03,
     9.29726288e-04,  -5.92118129e-03,  -7.46217184e-03,
     7.45382160e-04,   1.99196283e-02,   7.32803158e-03,
    -2.56313197e-03,  -1.77604519e-03,  -8.92506912e-03,
     2.32316554e-04,   1.44336931e-02,   5.32799214e-03,
    -1.52365863e-03,  -3.25956382e-03,  -1.21336430e-02,
    -2.78177857e-03,   8.04873183e-03,  -3.14733274e-02,
    -3.45978905e-02,  -4.22597863e-02,  -1.58204751e-01,
    -3.20594013e-03,   1.20428633e-02,  -1.32644773e-02,
    -1.90007072e-02,  -3.05818226e-02,  -1.06163416e-01,
    -4.95312177e-03,  -2.27362346e-02,  -2.74502411e-02,
    -1.91133153e-02,  -1.42665114e-02,  -5.53950872e-02,
    -1.28527358e-02,  -1.83296073e-02,  -1.71343014e-02,
    -8.90292972e-03,  -2.31084358e-02,  -6.46356232e-02,
     3.73758376e-05,   9.93125141e-04,   4.11760062e-04,
    -2.15793028e-04,  -2.44235620e-04,  -1.41125172e-03,
     9.87295061e-05,   1.04581565e-03,   2.64123082e-04,
    -1.77111477e-04,  -3.58037651e-04,  -1.76383182e-03,
    -2.64507905e-03,   1.42250024e-03,  -4.89842519e-03,
    -9.01906751e-03,  -9.05502029e-03,  -3.83878704e-02,
    -1.05027296e-03,   5.29479980e-03,  -4.14970145e-03,
    -4.26785462e-03,  -6.99245743e-03,  -2.56510004e-02,
    -2.48845667e-03,  -2.41506658e-03,  -1.20230783e-02,
    -4.56554629e-03,  -1.13946758e-02,  -5.04478421e-02,
    -4.73168865e-03,  -6.09773025e-03,  -1.12827662e-02,
     1.85097754e-03,  -5.41935302e-03,  -1.82703547e-02,
     6.51884824e-04,   1.60064809e-02,   8.85203481e-04,
    -1.98119693e-03,  -1.10076927e-03,  -4.82245721e-03,
     3.59894708e-04,   6.94737397e-03,   1.89301558e-03,
    -6.03890046e-04,  -1.72022544e-03,  -5.99285960e-03,
    -1.18161738e-03,   7.13099912e-03,  -8.30562785e-03,
    -1.86010320e-02,  -2.09499765e-02,  -1.07730741e-01,
    -1.35865994e-03,   1.07049122e-02,  -5.89556433e-03,
    -6.04888797e-03,  -1.54975597e-02,  -4.50542532e-02,
    -6.56010769e-03,  -1.71564929e-02,  -3.16504389e-02,
     7.77484290e-03,  -2.54669767e-02,  -4.29303497e-02,
    -1.27771329e-02,  -1.22673512e-02,  -1.34785436e-02,
    -3.55788693e-03,  -1.59052592e-02,  -4.60611172e-02,
     2.73883343e-05,   1.28661655e-03,   1.32496655e-03,
    -7.52860680e-04,  -3.18214297e-04,  -2.64157727e-03,
     1.04481354e-04,   1.06248818e-03,  -6.68087974e-04,
    -4.96750697e-04,  -7.30423257e-04,  -7.89061375e-03,
    -6.99050725e-05,   2.25268491e-03,  -2.59658322e-04,
    -2.08515488e-03,  -3.44311260e-03,  -4.08612806e-02,
    -3.41659412e-04,   8.25025514e-03,  -4.19360027e-03,
    -4.02395613e-03,  -8.04402493e-03,  -3.61145660e-02,
    -4.10106033e-03,  -3.54836322e-03,  -1.21456627e-02,
    -8.09197687e-03,  -9.88831185e-03,  -4.19944301e-02,
    -3.35960463e-03,  -5.55329956e-03,   3.87430191e-07,
    -3.00006196e-03,  -1.08503066e-02,  -2.48223785e-02,
     4.98574227e-04,   7.95373507e-03,   3.16526555e-03,
    -1.25443563e-03,  -1.09320320e-03,  -6.55071996e-03,
     4.44874167e-04,   7.76365399e-03,   9.42828134e-04,
    -7.99467787e-04,  -2.13225558e-03,  -1.05341990e-02,
    -6.21005893e-05,   6.95007853e-03,  -3.90985049e-03,
    -5.49996458e-03,  -7.63768889e-03,  -5.58281839e-02,
    -2.26614997e-04,   1.76616255e-02,  -4.19690460e-03,
    -5.20926714e-03,  -1.44895259e-02,  -4.61813156e-02,
    -4.19271179e-03,  -9.09698568e-03,  -1.06259286e-02,
    -3.54743563e-03,  -5.10646775e-03,  -1.10679623e-02,
    -5.74621186e-03,  -7.78321736e-03,  -1.95963234e-02,
     2.40541995e-03,  -1.28107201e-02,  -3.22154127e-02,
     0.00000000e+00,   1.15281790e-02,  -5.89642674e-04,
    -2.56875530e-03,  -1.60184316e-03,  -9.01488960e-03,
     1.49490312e-04,   3.96637246e-03,   7.23605976e-04,
    -3.39373946e-04,  -7.29555264e-04,  -3.41222622e-03,
     4.91933897e-04,   4.79298644e-03,  -1.36148743e-03,
    -3.09252739e-03,  -1.30598992e-03,  -3.25014275e-02,
    -1.48264691e-04,   5.81834279e-03,   4.93273139e-04,
    -3.36393714e-03,  -6.53593056e-03,  -3.08387689e-02,
    -2.83966586e-03,   1.41968429e-02,  -1.80919841e-03,
    -1.42674148e-03,  -5.79566322e-03,  -2.15087645e-02,
    -1.31441467e-03,   6.16572797e-05,  -8.16728547e-03,
     6.94575347e-03,  -6.67758286e-06,   6.49690628e-06,
     6.40964136e-04,   1.71578471e-02,  -2.34624371e-04,
    -8.65986571e-04,  -9.42235813e-04,  -6.54706173e-03,
     5.97715378e-04,   8.92345421e-03,   3.90317291e-05,
     4.61790711e-04,  -1.38256326e-03,  -5.06369583e-03,
    -1.08058378e-03,   1.90478899e-02,  -1.26504526e-02,
    -1.80059075e-02,  -2.02428084e-02,  -8.32739137e-02,
    -4.57635149e-04,   1.48563143e-02,  -4.61235270e-03,
    -4.35184315e-03,  -1.43206567e-02,  -5.11662122e-02,
    -2.01708637e-03,  -8.17853212e-03,  -1.13892797e-02,
    -7.81113654e-03,  -5.06492332e-03,  -1.62509475e-02,
    -4.45904024e-03,  -3.49108502e-03,   1.26063824e-05,
    -4.43559140e-04,  -6.13087229e-03,  -9.33923945e-03,
     9.77199525e-05,  -1.20302662e-04,   6.49858266e-05,
    -6.16315752e-04,  -1.09991059e-04,  -8.05266201e-04,
     1.33268535e-04,   1.58888288e-03,   4.01115045e-04,
    -4.16098163e-04,  -6.09697774e-04,  -2.22290866e-03,
    -6.64424151e-05,   2.38372199e-03,  -3.04354168e-03,
    -5.99475019e-03,  -5.06760180e-03,  -2.39575263e-02,
    -3.29341739e-04,   1.10920742e-02,  -3.33048403e-03,
    -4.38063592e-03,  -1.45150907e-03,  -2.05246266e-02,
    -3.02891247e-03,  -2.38477811e-03,  -1.07535366e-02,
    -3.84285301e-03,  -1.89998019e-02,  -5.75217623e-02,
    -6.42297603e-03,  -7.19357841e-03,   1.13621354e-06,
     1.26846135e-06,  -4.82495315e-03,  -2.00816058e-02,
     5.89428470e-04,   1.43375155e-02,  -6.91805035e-05,
    -7.68952072e-04,  -7.63844699e-04,  -4.05739807e-03,
     3.40092927e-04,   6.51947781e-03,   1.81198679e-03,
    -7.32991844e-04,  -1.34203769e-03,  -3.88008356e-03,
    -4.05080616e-04,   9.03119706e-03,  -1.21198408e-03,
    -9.45428014e-03,  -1.04830898e-02,  -6.03188500e-02,
     1.47185102e-03,   2.29265150e-02,  -6.64852560e-05,
     2.63871066e-03,  -2.76003219e-03,  -1.08072124e-02,
    -7.17901625e-03,  -1.83483101e-02,  -3.11868638e-03,
    -1.54440161e-02,  -2.84395684e-02,  -4.30134293e-02,
    -1.42674167e-02,  -9.29352455e-03,  -1.13600492e-02,
    -5.69218211e-03,  -1.53469685e-02,  -2.21603531e-02,
 message: 'Optimization terminated successfully.'
  nfev: 8875
  nit: 16
  njev: 16
  status: 0
 success: True
  • This is way too broad. There are tons of solvers in scipy and we don't know which one was used. IPopt itself is very different from all of them imho. Different objectives (in this scale) and two success-states indicate an error in your modelling. But given the info, it's impossible to debug. It's also surprising that IPopt is slower with probably using automatic-diff; while scipy is doing numerical-diff (look at the number of fun-evals). – sascha Oct 6 '17 at 16:35
  • @sascha well pointed! I'd just edited the question. I'm sorry for being broad (the question will be huge if I put all my codes here). IPOPT is way faster and what do you mean by two success-states? Thanks :) – Ingrid Oct 6 '17 at 17:08
  • The code is still missing and it's needed. Okay, i read wrong. IPopt should be much faster (as described by you), ignoring algorithmic diffs, just by using automatic-diff alone. Success-states: never judge when something bad happened, but it seems both optimizers are successfull and you are now able to compare results. But still: the error is probably in some code not shown! – sascha Oct 6 '17 at 17:09
  • @sascha thanks for answering me. Unfortunately, I can't disclose the code, but I'll do a comparison again. From your experience, should I get the exactly same results or even better using Pyomo (IPOPT)? – Ingrid Oct 6 '17 at 17:15
  • Convex problem: same. Otherwise: everything can happen. (Although i consider ipopt more advanced) – sascha Oct 6 '17 at 20:56

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