Can anyone explain regarding pg_type in Postgres? As I cannot find types in other database connection adaptors like MySQL and SQLite, what is its functionality and features it provides?


PostgreSQL has a rich set of native data types available to users.

Users can add new types to PostgreSQL using the CREATE TYPE command or new domains using CREATE DOMAIN.

Also, when you create a table or a view, the corresponding composite type with the same name is automatically created.

Each database may have a different set of defined types. Information of all types and domains known in a database is stored in the system catalog pg_type.

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The postgres catalog table pg_type contains information about all data types available in your database. That includes built-in datatypes like bool and text, extension datatypes like hstore, and custom datatypes that are the result of using CREATE TYPE.

There's more information available in the postgres documentation for that table, if you're interested. For most uses of the database, you don't need to access pg_type, but it can be useful. In this case, ActiveRecord is, among other things, querying pg_type to pull accurate information about the types of each column in a user-created table.

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