I have a Delphi 10 project using the latest version of EurekaLog. I'm currently using EurekaLog to help me debug problems in my production clients.

I noticed that EurekaLog wasn't registering errors that happened within threads. After I started reading up on it, I found that I need to change from TThread to TThreadEx, and add the following code at the start of my Execute overriden method.

SetEurekaLogStateInThread(ThreadID, true);

Despite this, when an error happens, it does not generate an event in the EL file.

If I add ExceptionManager.StandardEurekaError('TThrdSincArquivos.Execute => ' + ex.Message); on the try..except, it does log. But the stack trace is displayed as if the error occurred on the line where I call StandardEurekaLog(), not on the line where the error actually occurred. This defeats the purpose of the whole thing.

Another problem is that it displays a dialog box, which I don't want, since the error occurred inside a background thread. I just want it logged. I should get a dialog only with errors on the main thread.

How can I achieve theses results within the thread?

  • Actually log the error with the correct stack.

  • When on the main thread, display the dialog, but within a thread, just log with no dialog.


Below is my EurekaLog Muti-threading configuration

Call Stack option Multi-threading option

Here is my thread declaration:

unit ThrdSincArquivos;


  System.Classes, System.SysUtils, System.Generics.Collections, REST.Client, REST.Types,
  System.JSON, Data.DB, Datasnap.DBClient, FireDAC.Comp.Client, FireDAC.Stan.Param, System.SyncObjs, EBase, EExceptionManager, EClasses;

  TThrdSincArquivos = class(TThreadEx)

My thread's Create

constructor TThrdSincArquivos.Create(pPrimeiraExec: boolean; tipoSincParam: TTipoSinc);
  inherited Create(true);

  primeiraExec := pPrimeiraExec;
  tipoSinc := tipoSincParam;
  executadoThreadSinc := false;
  FreeOnTerminate := true

The start of my Execute

procedure TThrdSincArquivos.Execute;
  contador: Integer;


and the end of the Execute

    on ex: Exception do
      oLog.GravarLog(ex, 'TThrdSincArquivos.Execute => FIM');

It refuses to log any exception to the Elf file. I tried to add a raise after my own log routine, but it still didn't help. It should log, but it isn't, unless I explicitly call the StandardEurekaError, but I get the stack wrong, and I get the dialog.

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    BTW, there is no such thing as XE10 – David Heffernan Oct 6 '17 at 23:15
  • TThreadEx calls SetEurekaLogStateInThread() for you. Make sure your overridden Execute() is calling inherited. – Remy Lebeau Oct 6 '17 at 23:21
  • @DavidHeffernan Thanks for the XE 10 correction. I've already read-up on that link, and everything seems to me correctly configured. I've added my EurekaLog configuratoin settings and the thred's code. Thank you very much for your help – Pascal Oct 7 '17 at 14:25
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    That's pretty disappointing from EurekaLog. I personally use MadExcept and highly recommend it. – David Heffernan Oct 10 '17 at 15:14

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