After updated Node (upto v8.6.0) and npm (upto v5.5.1) I cannot execute command npm install. After npm install I've error message:

npm ERR! Cannot read property '0' of undefined

What's trouble or I need downgrade node/npm ?

  • I've downgraded npm to 4.6.1 – Dmitrii Dubrovin Oct 16 '17 at 5:33
  • @nocarrier try out my solution – Idan Dagan Oct 30 '17 at 13:19
  • you should downgrade the npm 5.2.0 or less. updates has a bug or something for windows 10. – Celik Nov 12 '17 at 21:47
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    @Dmitrii Did any of these solutions work for you? If so can you choose one as the accepted answer? – John Dec 14 '17 at 3:04

I had the same problem.

I removed both node_modules and package-lock.json and then did:

npm install 

And it worked.

Edit by @OwlyMoly Due to new updates and the restriction to old dependencies in package-lock.json is causing this conflicts. By doing npm install won't fix this issue. Instead by ditching npm_modules and package-lock.json and doing npm install will load a new node_modules and that supposed to be required by package.json. You have to commit the new package-lock.json along with your latest changes of the project.

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    Removing cache npm cache clear --force also helps, before running these steps. – Olga Jan 30 at 13:14
  • This solution work for me. I lose 2h to find this. When I remove node_modules it was to little. I reinstall Node, NPM and all times I had errors... – kris_IV Feb 12 at 19:57
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I've made some tests:

nodejs@8.6.0 npm@5.5.1 - I have trouble and the test fails

nvm use 8.5.0

nodejs@8.5.0 npm@5.5.1 - I have trouble and the test fails

nvm use 8.4.0

nodejs@8.4.0 npm@5.5.1 - I have trouble and the test fails

npm install npm@^5 -g

nodejs@8.4.0 npm@5.4.2 - I have trouble and the test fails

nvm use 8.6.0
npm install npm@^4 -g

nodejs@8.6.0 npm@4.6.1 - no trouble, this fixes it.

Do 2 steps bellow (Window):

rm -rf ./node_modules to remove node folder

rm package-lock.json to remove package-lock.json file

then npm install to re-install the node modules

Deleting package.json.lock file and node_modules folder, unfortuntely didn't help in my case.

Just download and install latest Yarn which is also a node package manager, developed by facebook, but has a much better dependency management. Also update your node cli (optional).

And then, install your dependencies using yarn:

yarn install


yarn // short version of yarn install

No errors!

You can continue to use npm after you have installed all dependencies with yarn or continue with's your choice.

Seems to be an issue with a combination of factors.

Some workarounds here:

npm 5.3.0 is broken for windows 10 after upgrading the nodeJS.
You should downgrade the npm, it is a temporary solution but works fine.

npm install -g npm@5.2.0

Try with nvm(Node Version Manager).it help you to install any node version for any project without any Error.

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    I've tried some node version (8.5 and 8.4). It's not fixed. – Dmitrii Dubrovin Oct 7 '17 at 15:45

I found same problem when using npm version 5.5.1 to install babel-preset-stage-0

Solution: I downgraded npm to version 5.2.0 and try to install again then it can solve the issue.

npm i -g npm@5.2.0    
npm i -D babel-preset-stage-0

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