I want to write a sql statement to trim a string 'Hello' from the string "Hello World'. Please suggest.

select substring( field, 1, 5 ) from sometable
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  • Mark, I need to trim the left 8 characters of a column from a table.Please suggest. – Simhadri Jan 11 '11 at 20:59
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    @Simhadri: In that case, as suggested in my answer, you could use SELECT STUFF(field,1,8,'') FROM sometable – Joe Stefanelli Jan 11 '11 at 21:14

To remove the left-most word, you'll need to use either RIGHT or SUBSTRING. Assuming you know how many characters are involved, that would look either of the following:

SELECT RIGHT('Hello World', 5)
SELECT SUBSTRING('Hello World', 6, 100)

If you don't know how many characters that first word has, you'll need to find out using CHARINDEX, then substitute that value back into SUBSTRING:

SELECT SUBSTRING('Hello World', CHARINDEX(' ', 'Hello World') + 1, 100)

This finds the position of the first space, then takes the remaining characters to the right.

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You can use LEN in combination with SUBSTRING:

SELECT SUBSTRING(myColumn, 7, LEN(myColumn)) from myTable
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For 'Hello' at the start of the string:

SELECT STUFF('Hello World', 1, 6, '')

This will work for 'Hello' anywhere in the string:

SELECT REPLACE('Hello World', 'Hello ', '')
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use "LEFT"

 select left('Hello World', 5)

or use "SUBSTRING"

 select substring('Hello World', 1, 5)
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  • Shane thanks for the reply, I need to disply World from Hello World. – Simhadri Jan 11 '11 at 20:58

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