I'm trying to test a website on the iphone simulator, I made some javascript changes and my javascript files are being loaded from cache.

I see the old version files with safari web inspector, resources tab (on simulator window), also the network calls have status 304. I already disabled cache on macos Safari. I already tried deleting the safari cache on the simulator settings. Safari outside the emulator is loading the new files correctly (I emptied/disabled the cache).

I'm using Simulator (10.0 SimulatorAPP-745.10 with iOS 10.3) from XCode on Sierra

How do I delete or disable the simulator cache?

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    Simulator > Hardware > "Erase all Content and Settings". Erases all settings and restarts simulator, the only way I found. I wasn't able to do it from an attached safari.
    – d_rail
    Jan 22, 2018 at 22:23

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For anyone coming in in 2018 : if you have a Safari attached, click on Network tab, then on the top line, "Ignore cache resources" icon ( just next to "Export" button ).

enter image description here

Seems to do the trick.


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