Can someone suggest a good tomcat memory profiler? (I am trying to profile the memory usage of a JRuby on Rails app deployed on a Tomcat instance in a Windows machine).

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You can use VisualVM which is part of the JDK - more recent versions can be downloaded from visualvm.java.net/.

Or you can use the integrated profiler from NetBeans which is essentially the same thing as VisualVM just with some additional features.


I personally use YourKit. You can download trial version and see if it is good for you.

Last time I checked VisualVM does not show aggregated numbers. This means that you can see that, for example, your app has 10000 allocations of int[] array but you have no clue where these come from. YourKit has Biggest objects (dominators) screen which is quite helpful; you can see which objects take the most memory overall.

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