I have three columns. One identifies the observations by F. The other column orders each observation within the same F, called T. The third column is a numerical value, called Q. I'd like all my values for Q greater than a certain value of T to be replaced by the values at a fixed T, within the same F. For example, I'd like all values of Q within the same F that have T > 6 to be equal to whatever value Q has for that F has for T = 6. If an F has a Q value of 40 at T=6 and a Q value of 50 at T=7, I want that Q at T=7 to say 40 as well.

  • For Stata questions, please use Stata terminology. You have variables not columns and you want to replace their values. More importantly, examples with explanation always are better than explanation alone. – Nick Cox Oct 9 '17 at 7:48

This might not be the correct way of solving this, but it did the trick. If anyone has a better solution, please help me out.

xtset F T
gen Q_fixed = Q
replace Q_fixed = . if T > 6
replace Q_fixed = L.Q_fixed if Q_fixed == . 
  • Once xtset this telescopes to gen Q_fixed = cond(T > 6, L.Q, Q). – Nick Cox Oct 9 '17 at 8:22

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