I have PC SAS 64 bit and Office 2013 32 bit installed on my Windows machine. I am trying to use the import wizard and it gives me

ERROR: Failed to connect to server.

Can anyone help me to sort this out?

I have selected Microsoft Excel Workbook on PC Files Server rather than Microsoft Excel Workbook (*.xls *.xlsb...) as "Standard data source".

  • So do you have PC Files Server running? And does your PC know how to connect to it? – Tom Oct 9 '17 at 14:29

I've had the same problem when tried to import file that was in use by another user. Copy the file with different name or location and try to run import again.

Could you check with a sas program and try to change the engine :


/* import */

Try with DBMS=excelcs or DBMS=XLSX or DBMS=excel, with the extension from *.xslx to *.xls and check correct pathname.

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