i'm searching a lightweight IDE for continuing learning python and pygame.

i have bpython that works quite well. when i type: pygame.draw. bpython show me all available choices, like circles, polygons, rect, lines ..
but most importantly,
it is able to show pygame functions signatures. if i type pygame.draw.rect( bpython shows me:

│ pygame.draw.rect: (Surface, color, Rect, width=0)  
│ rect(Surface, color, Rect, width=0) -> Rect

as you can see in this screenshot: https://imgur.com/PNlmkDd

my problem is that i'm not able to get the same thing working on sublimetext3 with anaconda-st3, (or even pycharm too) it can't seem to be able to do it.

there's lots of other case where bpython give me correct method signature whereas st3+anaconda or even pycharm give me nothing. as another example:

typing pygame.display.set_mode( gives this popup:

│ pygame.display.set_mode: (resolution, 0=(0)            
│ set_mode(resolution=(0,0), flags=0, depth=0) -> Surface 

in contrast in st3 and pycharm i get no such thing.

have i missed some requiered steps in the configuration?
is it possible at all to have sublimetext3+anaconda to replicate this behavior ?
if not, is there a lightweight ide out there that is able to do what bpython does?


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