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I really want to find an adb command to start an app and emulate/fake some clicks in the app.

When make an logcat and do with my android-remote what I want to emulate, I find many different lines like:

I/ActivityManager( 1920): START u0 {flg=0x10000000 cmp=com.streamtvapp/.new_player.PlayerActivity (has extras)} from uid 10020 on display 0 D/AudioStreamOutALSA(  835): AudioStreamOut: setParameters routing=1024 Standbydevice = 0 activeDevice = 17408


W/ActivityManager( 1920): Input dispatching paused for current ActivityRecord: ActivityRecord{2a1163a8 u0 com.streamtvapp/.new_player.PlayerActivity t86} V/WindowManager( 1920): addAppToken: AppWindowToken{2b410666 token=Token{31b4cec1 ActivityRecord{2a1163a8 u0 com.streamtvapp/.new_player.PlayerActivity t86}}} to stack=1 task=86 at 1

I think t86 is the channel I choose but I found no information how to start and package together with some data. Any hints would be very nice.

Greetings by JustASec

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I don't understand your question completely, but these below lines can help you.

List avds: emulator -list-avds

Start avd: emulator -avd avd_name [ {-option [value]} … ]

Eg, to start avd: emulator -avd Nexus_S_API_23

Install app: adb install -r apkname.apk

Start app: adb shell am start -n com.package.name/com.package.name.MainActivityName

Emulate/fake inputs: adb shell input <type_of_input> [options]

Eg, of emulate/fake inputs: adb shell input tap x y

Uninstall app: adb uninstall package name

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