I'm having some trouble with conforming 2 protocols together using the Codable protocol.

My understanding is that even if I used a custom object, as long as that object successfully conforms to Codable, then any object referencing that can also conform.

I have the following code and cannot see why I am getting the errors:

import UIKit
import Foundation

protocol PromotionProtocol: Codable {
    var promotionType: Int? { get }
    var promotionCode: String? { get }
    var fileName: String? { get }
    var facetDescription: String? { get }
    var promoDescription: String? { get }

class Promotion: PromotionProtocol {
    var promotionType: Int?
    var promotionCode: String?
    var fileName: String?
    var facetDescription: String?
    var promoDescription: String?

protocol PromotionInfoProtocol: Codable {
    var cornerPromotion: PromotionProtocol? { get }
    var mainPromotion: PromotionProtocol? { get }
    var isTopFive: Bool? { get }

class PromoInfo: PromotionInfoProtocol {
    var cornerPromotion: PromotionProtocol?
    var mainPromotion: PromotionProtocol?
    var isTopFive: Bool?

Everything inside the 'PromotionProtocol' is either a String or Int so that is fine. But I get the errors that the Class Promotion does not conform to Encodable and Decodable.

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