I want to list the VPC id's which have a particular tag (Name=MyVPC).

I am aware that I can use --filter and run:

aws ec2 describe-vpcs --filters Name=tag:Name,Values=MyVPC --query 'Vpcs[].VpcId'

This works completely fine.

Is there a way I can achieve this without using --filter and only use JMESPath?

aws ec2 describe-vpcs --query 'Vpcs[?Tags[?Key==`Name`]|[?Value==`MyVPC`]].VpcId' --output text
  • To my knowledge, you can avoid using JMESPATH here and just rely on the --filters flag. – Sonny Garcia Aug 17 '18 at 13:54

Try this command:

aws ec2 describe-vpcs --query 'Vpcs[?contains(Tags[?Key==`Name`].Value[], `MyVPC`) == `true`].[VpcId]' --output text

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