I'm working on a script that deals with RI coverage on EC2. When I call the API for RIs I get back a list of attributes including one describing the platform the RI was purchased for

  • Linux/Unix
  • Red Hat Enterprise Linux
  • Windows
  • Windows with SQL
  • ....

I'm trying to match the current inventory to the RIs that have been / will need to be purchased, but unfortunately I can't seem to figure out a call that will give me that info. I've tried ec2 describe-instances, but that only returns a platform as "windows" or null, also trying ec2-describe-images and getting similar results (although the platform attribute in the console will actually show me more information about the underlying OS)

Is there a way to get the platform of an AMI or an instance so that I can match this to an RI? Or is there some other way to match an instance/AMI to an RI platform type?

p.s. I saw a comment here that says it doesn't matter, however idk what "doesn't matter" means?


Reserved Instances are not directly associated with EC2 Instances. They are a billing method, e.g. if you have a RI that matches one of your EC2 instances (region, type, etc.), then you are billed at the RI price. Dedicated Instances have matching EC2 instances.

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