I know you can do the following in javascript to toggle a boolean in a one liner.

var toggle = false;
if(true) toggle != toggle;

but is this also possible with a string? i know it can be done by some if statements. But is it possible to do it in a oneliner? something like this:

var string_toggle = "CAT";
if(true) "CAT" = "ESP" || "ESP" = "CAT";

If it is not clear what i am asking let me know so i can improve the question.


You could use the ternary operator.

string_toggle = (string_toggle === "CAT") ? "ESP" : "CAT";

This effectively translates to:

if (string_toggle === "CAT") {
  string_toggle = "ESP";
} else {
  string_toggle = "CAT";
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If you are a heavy user,why not to make some class?overkill

Here im using this javascript syntax.

You should check ECMAScript 6,you will like it!

class ToggleValue {

    this.values = [value1,value2]
    this.pointer = 0
     this.pointer = +!this.pointer
    return this.values[this.pointer]

var dupaOrGrabowa = new ToggleValue('dupa', 'grabowa')

console.log(dupaOrGrabowa + '')
console.log(dupaOrGrabowa + '')

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  • This is total overkill and I love it. – Mike Cluck Oct 10 '17 at 20:06

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